Sandbox Preview FAQ


What kinds (types) or accounts have access to the Sandbox Preview?

Only accounts with Sandbox Licenses have access to the preview.  These are EE and UE accounts.

How do I refresh my Sandbox?

To refresh your Sandbox, go to Setup -> Data Management -> Sandbox.  This is the Sandbox List page.  From this page, you will have access to a set of actions on the left side of the table.  If you are able to refresh your Sandbox, you will see a refresh button.  Click the ‘refresh’ button to refresh your Sandbox.

I refreshed my Sandbox per the Preview instructions, but now I am on a different instance. Did the Preview action I chose “stick”?

In some cases, following the instructions means that your Sandbox will be refreshed to a new instance.  This is okay.  Only certain instances are upgraded early, enabling the preview of the upcoming release.  So depending on your needs you may need the refresh to move on or off of a Preview instance.

If I choose to opt in to the Preview but my sandbox is still refreshing beyond the 12:00 AM PT deadline, will I still get the Preview?

The deadline is for the refresh request.  You must request the refresh within the deadlines that we specify.

Where can I get the release notes that tell me what is in the preview?

You can find the release notes here when they are available.

We just refreshed our full Sandbox. Do we have to refresh again if we want to sign up for the Preview or stay on the current release?

In some cases, you have to refresh again.  Please review the instructions to determine what action you need to take.

What if my Sandbox is currently “unavailable” for refresh?

If you need to refresh your Sandbox in preparation for the Sandbox Preview, but are unable to due to the Sandbox refresh interval policy (29 days for Full, 1 day for Developer and Configuration), please contact support immediately and state your case.  We will do our best to provide assistance.

We have several Sandboxes—some we want to sign up for the Preview, others we want to stay on the current release.  What if they are on the same CS?

If all of your Sandboxes are on the same CS instance and you want some to be part of the Preview and others to stay on the current salesforce version, you will have to refresh a set of your Sandboxes.  That set of sandboxes that need to be refreshed depends on the CS instance you are currently on.  Please follow the Preview window instructions to determine which Sandboxes you need to refresh.

I don’t want to refresh my Sandbox. What will be my Sandbox status after the Preview ends?

Depending on the where your current Sandbox resides, your Sandbox may be part of the Preview or it may stay on the current version.  Either way, your Sandbox and its data will stay in tact.  The Preview ends when we upgrade all of production instances to the next version.  The status of your Sandbox during and after the Preview will go unchanged.